M-Investment Club

Founded September 13, 1965, the M-Investment Club is Mensa's oldest surviving special interest group. Its purpose is to educate and enrich its individual members.

Join our online discussion group by clicking on Yahoo Discussion Group below. To join you must be a current member of Mensa.

This was also the home page for the MIC Partnership, which is not related to Mensa. The MIC Partnership has closed.

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To contact us, please use the Yahoo Discussion Group (see link above right). The email addresses have been removed here due to spam.

Mensa is an international society of persons who have scored above the 98th percentile on a standard IQ test. All opinions expressed on this website or in materials downloaded from this website are those of the individual authors, not necessarily of the editor or of any other officers of the M-Investment Club or of Mensa. Mensa as an organization has no opinions.

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